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About Us

We are the Digital Marketing Agency who will make you trend and become super famous on social media. With our help you will get more views, more subscribers and be known all over the world. You will become the next influencer and better your online sells.

We are a group of online platforms and content production ventures with the goal to inform, entertain and inspire you.

77 Angels' brand ambassadors are called: Angels! They are passionate about making you discover us and the different brands we support.

77 Angels is the dream come true of our founder Judah Alice Melusi. She is a romance novels author. She was born in Equatorial Guinea but was raised in the small village of Ndjole in Gabon Central Africa.

When her dad told her that dreams indeed come true and nothing was impossible to God. Thirteen years old Alice then decided that she will one day win an Oscar for best original script and write the next 007 James bond book. She had no idea that making her dream come true will take so long and that when you believe, life becomes full of struggles and hardships.


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