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Hollywood Latest & Favorites Must-See

Avatar 2 has finally arrived! Watch the trailer right here!

After more than 10 years in waiting, Director James Cameron, who also wrote and directed the Titanic movie, has finally made it. You still need to wait until 16 December 2022 to watch it but what we know so far is that our main characters have children now and are still standing strong for the freedom of their land and their people. Watch the trailer below!

The Father of the Bride

Andy and Gloria Estefan will make you laugh in this remake of the famous comedy movie: "The Father of the bride. It is about an overprotecting father who learns that his daughter is engaged and decides to sabotage the wedding as much as he can. Watch the trailer below!

Two coming Hollywood Blockbuster franchises that have changed their lead cast and why you should be worried about it!

1.Game of Thrones prequel: House of The Dragon

Whether you used to be Team Cercei or Team Dani, you might not be in this one! None of the cast members of the previous series are here except for their ancestors. It is a back in time story which retells the story of each family united under the iron throne. Watch the trailer below!

2. Fantastic Beast 3: Secret of Dumbledore

We all knew that Johnny Depp will not reprise his role as the wicked blond hair wizard but to actually witness his absence while watching the trailer is giving us some doubts now! Not because his replacement is any less than him, but Because Johnny Depp acting is unique in each and every role. Watch the trailer below!

Africa Latest and Favorites Must-See

Two of Nollywood best romantic comedies that you can catch on Netflix

1.The Wedding Party

For those who are familiar with what's going through between African families when joining their precious children in marriage, you will have fun watching this one again or for the first time, there's even a sequel.

2. Namaste Wahala

When India falls in love with Nigeria, and these two cultures have the very opposite of handling Bride price. You are in it for the laugh and drama of your lives. Watch the trailer below!

Bollywood Latest & Favorites Must-See


You will be moved to tears just by the trailer. The story of a soldier who puts his duty even above his family. Words are not enough. Enjoy the trailer below. Watch the trailer below!


Yash Raj never disappoints with his Historical War and romance drama. You might need to wait until June 3rd 2022 for the release but Akshay Kumar looks majestic in this role. Watch the trailer below!

Asian Cinema latest & Favorite Must-See

Latest Chinese Wuxia Drama with Actress Yang Mi that You can watch on YouTube with English Subtitles.

1.Legend of Fuyao

While Five region kingdoms is threatened by a mysterious girl wearing a five colored' stones. The crown prince of the most powerful kingdom is detached to find and kill her, still he falls in love with her. Watch the first episode below!

2.Pearl Novaland

Yang Mi plays a disciple who falls in love with her Master. He is the King's best friend but also under a slavery curse to protect him and his lineage forever, in a country where their past enemies are plotting their revenge everyday. Watch the first Episode below!

European Cinema Latest & Favorite Must-See

Our Netflix European Favorite

Pourris Gates

When a Billionaire father wants to teach a lessons to his spoiled kids about living a simple life. Things turn funny but also sour in this French comedy happening in the beautiful principality of Monaco. Watch the trailer below!