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Who We Are and What We Do

We are 77 ANGELS , a Digital Marketing and Content Acquisition Agency. We provide premeditated integrated online advertising services for brands based on Brand image consultation and meticulous market analysis. We also acquire, create or produce content for the online advertising campaigns for our clients.

We also render these services through our own brands. We have built our online ventures and raised Influencers with the sole purpose to fit your brand image and advertise it on a daily basis.

Our mission

To establish a continuous influencing online presence growth for our clients' brands within their target market.

Our African Dream

To lead and elevate '77ANGELS' Family brands and companies to the promised land of international brand recognition and consumption.

Our Founder

Judah Alice Melusi, is a Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Magazine Editor, Singer-Music Producer, Published Romance Writer, Dance Choreographer and Model. She speaks French, English and Spanish.