Absent Fathers Trauma

Is polygamy is the answer to diminish the number of dead beat fathers? Some have suggested so, in the survey we conducted on Facebook. And if you don't know what "dead beat" means, stay with us. A dead beat is a biological father who refuses to acknowledge a pregnancy or get involve in his child's life. What you may not consider are the devastating consequences of such rejection on children, teenagers or even adult's mental state. Most men who have abandoned children are either married, divorced from their baby mama or involved into a relationship with a another woman who is not the baby mama.

In ancient Africa for example, Polygamy was justified because a man who had many children also had labor force to expand his land and provide high maintenance for his assets. So bearing as many children as possible was considered prosperity. In religious led countries, polygamy is normal. A man would marry as many women as he can afford, and live surrounded by all his children. Some modern liberal women do not mind committing to relationships with married men but will these women be willing to share the same roof with the legal wife?

This idea would sound like an abomination for American radical feminists but, still, we must consider that most of the tendencies to revolutionize the traditional family structure are failing people's mental health. Even children conceived through Invitro, surrogacy and Donated Sperm go on to seek for their biological fathers and any possible blood sibling from the same sperm. It is indeed human instinct to crave for belonging and affection. There is an internal desire in every human to feel wanted and a need to identify to a group, a community through languages, lifestyle and even physical features. Most of these are satisfied in early age by the Father figure.

No one can deny that, feeling rejected causes trauma, depending of the pain injected. To silence that emotional abyss, young girls are said to date older men, so they can experience paternal love while men often look for mentorship from other men. Both often lead young people or even children to predators, manipulating the longing for love and affection to abuse the weak. By Sadi Houghton.


Why Johnny Depp is all of Us?!

Where have you been hiding?! Because if you had not heard that Actor Johnny Depp has been suing his ex-wife for defamation, we have the updates of the case for you. The jury is deliberating and we will know the out come soon. So many of us have been caught up in it, as it was a public and televised trial. Johnny requested for it to be so, because he wanted the world, his fans , and his family to judge as well as the seven members legal jury. And most people have already made their mind, because as a human being, it was so easy to relate to what Johnny Depp has been through. Like a lot of us, he has been falsely accused. His kindness has been exploited and betrayed by someone he invested in financially and emotionally.

In a world where harboring a capitalistic mindset is the norm, people unconsciously prioritize and thrive for personal gain above others well being. Just like "Tinder Swindlers" victims, Johnny Depp has spent a lot of money on someone who rose to fame by defaming him. And while his career was going down, the real abuser got better and better. Johnny's ex-wife moved on with Billionaire Elon Musk. A man who has more money and was as famous. So now that the trial has ended, and we are all waiting for the Jury's decision, we are relieved that Johnny's character has been vindicated, and that one day more victims like him, will get justice. By Jamal Jackson.


Instagram models and sex contracts?

If you think that this new prostitution's culture is only taking place in Dubai, you are wrong. It is as old as the planet. The difference is that, before, men could not get extorted after hosting any women in their bedroom, but now because of the Metoo movement, they have to be cautious. Nowadays, a man can lose everything. If a woman accuses him of sexual assault, his life, reputation and career might be done for. Signing a written of Non-Disclosure agreement is not enough anymore.

That is why these rich men, who are able to afford plane tickets and hotels suites for these Instagram models, use Video contracts. The woman they seek intercourse with, must declare on the video that they agree to whatever will be done to them in the bedroom. It is a safety plan, a wise one, even though most of the things that are rumored to be done by such men are disgusting to the common folk. by Dina Rashid


2022 Cannes International Film Festival & Monaco F1 Grand Prix!

Aishwarya Rai Bachan was one of the attendees to grace this year's red carpet which ended May 28. She looks amazing in the picture above. We are so glad The Cannes Film Festival has made its come back from the pandemic. The best among filmmakers, actors and producers met in this French Riviera Town to celebrate the love of Cinema. From Hollywood to Bollywood, every part of the globe is represented. This year Tom Cruise got a standing ovation for his come back "Top Gun" Sequel. The stars of the latest James Bond were also in attendance. Classic movies were also celebrate and of course, the insane red carpet fashion from the starlets.

This year big winner are:

1.Ruben Ostlünd, Palme d'or for Triangle of Sadness

2.Lukas Dhont, Grand Prix (tied) for Close

3.Claire Denis, Grand Prix (tied) for Stars at Noon

4.Park Chan-wook, Best Director Award for Heojil Kyolshim (Decision to Leave)

5.Tarik Saleh, Award for Best Screenplay for Walad Min Al Janna (Boy from Heaven)

6.Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeerch, Jury Prize (tied) for Le Otto Montagne (The Eight Mountains)

7.Chie Hayakawa, Special Distinction for Plan 75

Right after the Festival ended the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix was starting. The French Riviera has indeed been flooded by tourists and celebrities. Lewis Hamilton, our favorite Formula One Driver has encounter sets back this season. He even started at number seven in Monaco race. Without official confirmation Lewis is set to retire from racing in 2023. Our superstar did not lead in the Top 6 at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix last week and we were hoping Monaco would be his come back to the Top 5 for the least.

The Monaco Grand Prix was dominated by Ferrari and Red Bull Drivers who occupied the four first place. Russel from Mercedes maintained his fifth place while Lewis Hamilton was eighth. The outcome was unsure. But crossing the finish line were:

5. Russel (Mercedez)

4. Leclerck (Ferrari)

3. Verstappen (Redbull)

2. Sainz (Ferrari)

  1. Perez (Redbull) by Louis Renauld.

Health & Foodie

Easy Avocado Toast

The Greenish Toast

Whether you are into healthy eating or you just enjoy crunchy food, this recipe is a not only a mixed of both.


Sliced brown bread

Basil leaves or lettuce salad

Two avocados

2 teaspoon of olive oil or vegetable oil

Salt and black pepper

Step 1: Ripe your avocados into a bowl and mash them into a creamy mixture then add some salt, black pepper and the olive oil.

Step 2: Place the two slices of brown bread in the toaster or oven ( using a oven made plate) for 3 mins.

Step 3: Rinse your basil leaves or lettuce with clear water ( you could rinse them using vinegar if you need more flavor)

Step 4: Remove your toasted bread from the heat and place them on a plate, spread a wide amount of avocado mash (guacamole) and spread the basil leaves on them.

Enjoy! By Silvya Dinga