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Market your Brand in Influencers' Posts

77 ANGELS measures not the states of one's fame in the mainstream media but the amount of followers is used as a measure of fame on social media and the engagement from followers on the Influencers past posts. Whether you desire to have a mainstream influencer or a social media influencer, our talents and modelling agency will connect you to the one your brand image needs. We can advertise, your brand, yourself or business in our influencers social media accounts by:

  1. Having your brand displayed within by the influencer's social media. For example, if you a beauty or Make-up brand our influencer would have a tutorial video.

  2. Featuring even yourself, if you aim to become an influencer for example in our influencer's social media posts.

  3. Selecting an Influencer as your brand ambassador in your photo or ad campaigns whether on your own social media accounts, our reality tv shows , magazines or other popular magazines.

Image consultation & Market Analysis Quiz

We will help you determine which communities, age groups and demographics are more likely to fall in love at first sight with your brand. We will build a personalized survey about you and present it to social media groups to uncover who is likely to turn their like into a purchase.

According to the results, we will be able to build a content strategy demonstrating your brand as a solution to this responsive group's needs. It also allow us to confirm which kind of influence is needed to bring awareness about your products. Whether it'll be through a magazine, social media post or a celebrity singer known in targeting the interests or needs of your future customers.

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